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Drunk Driving (DUI) (OUIL)

Hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer!

A Michigan Drunk Driving Charge is Serious!

A Michigan drunk driving charge is very serious. You must treat this charge as potentially life-changing.

Many lawyers make a great deal of money on these cases by pleading people guilty to the offense of "operating while visibly impaired" (OWVI) without ever exploring a defense.

An OWVI counts as a drunk driving conviction, and a Michigan drunk driving conviction can: Result in a jail term or imprisonment Loss of driving privileges and automobile forfeiture Collateral consequences on professional and occupational licenses Steep fines, costs, and driver responsibility fees Probation, community service, and work programs

A Michigan drunk driving conviction cannot be expunged, set aside, or taken under advisement. A lot of people think that the courts simply want their money.

No, to the contrary, the courts and the prosecutors demand money and a whole lot more.

A drunk driving charge is one of the most serious crimes that an ordinary everyday person might face in a lifetime, and most of our clients have never faced a criminal charge.

Drunk driving cases are also some of the most complicated offenses for a criminal defense lawyer to handle, with an emphasis on scientific and highly technical defenses.

But the good news is that these cases can be won, and you've been lucky enough to stumble across Bazzi Law a law firm that has focused on drunk driving defense.

With years of training and experience in field sobriety testing, breath testing, urine analysis, and blood testing, you have found one of Michigan's leading drunk driving defense firms.

Call Bazzi Law right now so we can put our experience, training, and knowledge to work for you!

Were You Arrested for a Michigan Drunk Driving but Released?
If you were arrested by the police but released the next morning from jail without a court date, you need to review this information!

If you intend to protect your rights, you need to obtain videos from the police within 30 days before these materials are recycled.

In the case of an OWI blood draw, you may be required to submit paperwork to the Secretary of State within 14 days to save your license.

OWI 2nd and OWI 3rd charges may take months to file, but you must act now to protect your rights. "Super Drunk" and "Child Endangerment" charges may also take several weeks for a prosecutor to authorize.

"Drugged Driving" charges may take over a year before charges are filed, but you cannot afford to wait until then under any circumstance.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you need a vigorous and personalized defense!

No matter how innocent you are, no matter how guilty you may think you are, it takes an experienced drunk driving defense attorney to evaluate your situation, guide you through the process, and make things as easy and comfortable for you as possible. The Constitution still guarantees you the Right to Due Process of Law, and that means you are presumed innocent!

  • Bazzi Law appears in courts throughout the Detroit and Southeast Michigan area, representing persons accused of drunk driving.
  • Your ticket or bond receipt may say OWI, OWI with a High BAC, OUIL, UBAL, UBAC, Per se, or OWVI. You may call it DUI, or DWI, or DUIL.
  • You may have been stopped and arrested in Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, or any of the rest of Southeast Michigan.
  • It all comes down to this: YOU'VE GOT A SERIOUS PROBLEM. You've been charged with a crime. That charge can take your driver's license. It can put you in jail. It can cost you years of extra insurance premiums and driver responsibility fees, not to mention fines and court costs. It can take away your CDL (Commercial Driver's License). It can put you on probation for years.
  • Whether it happened in Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, Canton, Livonia, Redford, Detroit, Taylor, Romulus, Novi, or anywhere else in Southeast Michigan, you need the help of Bazzi Law.
Bazzi Law has practicing attorneys that are focused on drunk driving cases and driver's license restorations for almost all of that time. The national concern about drunk driving is justifiable, but YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A FULL AND VIGOROUS DEFENSE.
  • Just because you are accused, doesn't mean you are guilty, and it certainly doesn't mean the prosecutor can prove you guilty!
  • Bazzi Law travels to district courts and circuit courts throughout Southeast Michigan.
  • Bazzi Law also appears at the Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD), also called Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD), on driver's license restoration hearings and implied consent hearings.
Among the charges Mr. Ford defends against are:
  • OWI (Operating while Intoxicated)
    • also called DWI (Driving while Intoxicated)
    • also called DUI (Driving under the Influence)
    • also called OUIL (Operating under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor)
    • also called OUI (Operating under the Influence)
    • also called drunk driving
  • UBAC (Unlawful Bodily Alcohol Content)
    • also called UBAL (Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level)
    • also called Per se (it's Latin)
    (This is technically no longer a separate charge, but a lot of police officers still write it on a ticket.
  • UBAC, UBAL, and Per se are technically no longer a separate charge
  • OWI WITH A HIGH BAC (Operating while Intoxicated with a Bodily Alcohol Content at or over .17)
    • also called super drunk
  • OWVI (Operating while Visibly Impaired due to the Consumption of Alcohol)
    • also called OWAI (Operating while Ability Impaired)
    • also called impaired driving
  • OWICS (Operating while Intoxicated by a Controlled Substance),
    • also called OWIN (Operating while Intoxicated by Narcotics)
    • also called OWID (Operating while Intoxicated by Drugs)
    • also called OUID (Operating under the Influence of Drugs)
  • OWPD (Operating with the Presence of Drugs)
  • Zero Tolerance (Junior UBAL)
  • Open Intoxicants in a Motor Vehicle
  • Child Endangerment
  • MIP (Minor in Possession of Alcohol)
  • PBT Refusal (Preliminary Breath Test Refusal)
  • Probation Violations
    • also called Show Cause Hearings
    • also called VOP (Violation of Probation)  
  • DWLS (Driving while License Suspended)
    • also called DDS
  • DWLR (Driving while License Revoked)
    • also called DDR
If you are charged with any of these offenses, whatever you do, contact Bazzi Law and you will get the help of an attorney who is very knowledgeable in the area of vehicular alcohol and substance crimes.
  • Do not go to court assuming that you must plead guilty to whatever the prosecutor might offer you. The prosecutor is not looking to find your defenses. Bazzi Law will work diligently to fined those defenses.
  • Be wary of courts that offer a court appointed attorney who will spend only a few minutes on your individual case. Many court appointed attorneys are well qualified, but they cannot devote the time to your DUI case that an attorney you hire yourself will spend on your case.

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