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Immigration Law

O-1 visa/status is targeted for aliens of extraordinary ability or achievement in the sciences, arts, business and education. The application not only involves a great deal of documentation work to demonstrate the applicant's exceptional ability in his/her field, but also touches many legal issues in fully and appropriately understanding the requirements of an O-1 petition as set by the law. Therefore, if your O-1 petition is prepared with the help of an experienced attorney, your chances for success are greater. Bazzi Law proudly offers the following quality services related to O-1 applications:

Bazzi Law experienced attorney(s) will first evaluate your situation as to the options of your potential petition. After reviewing your resume, we will give an initial advice on whether O-1 status is applicable in your situation. If not, we will advise you on which options are best for you, such as J waiver application or H-1B.

After you retain us for your O-1 case, we will
1) effectively communicate with your (potential) employer to facilitate their sponsorship for your petition;
2) provide sample recommendation letters applicable to your field, which can be used as a reference for you;
3)review and edit your draft letters of recommendation to ensure that they include the appropriate language and meet the O-1 requirements;
4)help your employer to draft the job offer letter detailing the position, the project, and your qualifications;
5) help you to obtain the affidavit or advisory opinion with an appropriate peer group or independent consulting organization regarding the nature of the work to be done by you and your qualifications;
6)guide you to collect all evidence that in the form of documentation for your O-1 petition;
7)organize all the required documentation for your O-1 petition, including the signed recommendation letters;
8)draft the petition letter on your behalf;
9)submit the completed petition materials to the proper USCIS Center via registered mail; and
10)contact the USCIS for the status inquiry of your pending case.

If the USCIS makes a request for additional evidence on your pending case, we will respond and submit the additional documentation required for your case to the USCIS in time. As soon as the USCIS makes a final decision on your O-1 application, we will inform you of the result.

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