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Starting a family can be one of the most difficult and time consuming processes you will ever undertake. Despite all the hard work and effort, the journey should also give way to a feeling of great joy and satisfaction. Unfortunately, as a gay or lesbian individual or a same-sex couple, the process is often times more difficult because of the judgments and prejudices that exist in today’s society. Unfortunately, there are those, both inside and outside the government, who believe that gay or lesbian individuals and same-sex couples are not qualified to be parents.

At Bazzi Law , we are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients, regardless of sexual orientation. Whether you are a same-sex couple or a gay or lesbian individual who is looking to adopt, you need representation by LGBT attorneys who have the courage and the experience to guide you through this process. We believe in the opportunity for all people, gay or straight, single or in a committed relationship, to have the chance to bring a child into their home and to form a loving and caring family.

Marriage Equality in Michigan: DeBoer v. Snyder

On March 21, 2014, the historic, landmark decision in the case of DeBoer v. Snyder was handed down. The case garnered national attention because it was the first instance where a full trial was held on the direct issue of the constitutionality of a same-sex marriage ban since the Prop 8 case in California. Dana Nessel, of Nessel & Kessel Law, was one of the lead attorneys on the case. This decision, written by Judge Bernard Friedman, struck down Michigan’s 2004 voter approved ban on same-sex marriage. In ruling that the ban was unconstitutional, the judge said that there was no legitimate reason for the State of Michigan to deny same-sex couples the same rights as straight couples. This ruling meant that Michigan’s ban on same-sex, second parent adoptions for married couples was also unconstitutional. This decision has now changed the face of adoption for same-sex couples.

The very next day, Saturday, March 22, 2014, hundreds of gay and lesbian couples flocked to circuit courts across the metro area in hopes of receiving a marriage license. Thankfully, even though it was a Saturday, many of them succeeded. On that day, some 300+ couples entered into legal, valid marriages. As soon as those couples were married, the now, step-parent would have the legal right to adopt the child of their spouse. However, as is often the case, these matters are not so simple. If you were one of the lucky couples to get married on March 22, 2014, or you were married in another state that recognizes same-sex marriage, contact Bazzi Law to find out if you are eligible to file a petition to adopt your spouses child or children.

Filing for Second Parent Adoption in Michigan

The adoption attorneys at Bazzi Law believe that LGBT individuals and couples should have the same constitutionally protected right to form a family that heterosexuals enjoy. We will fight to make sure that the only criteria examined by the courts and adoption officials is whether or not a child is being brought into a loving home. If you are considering bringing a child into your family, you need a legal team who has the most experience fighting on behalf of gay and lesbian families.

Bazzi Law is now accepting clients who are looking to file petitions for second parent adoption across the state of Michigan

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